Zagreb Walk­ing Tour


Despite being a Cen­tral Euro­pean city in geog­ra­phy, cul­ture and baroque archi­tec­ture, in many ways, Zagreb has a Mediter­ranean way of life. Thanks to its many influ­ences, the city has a spe­cial charm and hos­pitable feel gen­er­ated by its open-​hearted peo­ple. Many say that noth­ing com­pares to this city!
A walk through Zagreb is an inter­est­ing and pleas­ant jour­ney that encap­su­lates both his­tory and mod­ern day life. Ilica, the longest street in Zagreb, divides the city into the old roman­tic Upper Town and the young, busy and busi­ness ori­en­tated Lower Town. The Upper and Lower Towns are con­nected through the Kamenita vrata (Stone gate), yet another rec­og­niz­able Zagreb tourist attrac­tion that is linked to many leg­ends and beliefs, as well as to faith and peace.

For some, the most rec­og­niz­able place in Zagreb is its neo-​gothic Cathe­dral sit­u­ated at Kap­tol.
Oth­ers tend to remem­ber the always lively cen­tral Ban Jelačić Square or The Mimara Museum. Amongst the city’s many mon­u­ments is the old­est Zagreb cemetary called Mirogoj, which was opened in 1876. Thanks to its mon­u­men­tal neo-​renaissance arcades, tombs of many famous Croa­t­ians from polit­i­cal and cul­tural life lay there. Zagreb is also the site of many cul­tural and inter­na­tional events.

The jour­ney through Zagreb is not fin­ished. You may best learn about it by walk­ing down the city streets and enjoy­ing a cap­puc­cino in one of its many city cafes or visit the lively mar­ket of Dolac. You can enjoy the after­noon at the Jarun or Bun­dek lake, which are the cities oases for a nice walk, sports activites or even for a bar­be­cue! The biggest value of this city is its atmos­phere and the peo­ple who never allow you to feel alone.



  • meet­ing with our guide at your accommodation
  • Lower town: Jelačić Square, Dolac mar­ket, Kaptol.…
  • Upper town: Stone gate, St.Mark Cathe­dral, Lotrščak tower.…
  • Flower square, Zrin­je­vac park…


Pri­vate tour price:

1 per­son 40
2 per­sons 30
34 persons 25
58 persons 18

The price includes:

  • friendly guide
  • sou­venir gift
  • all taxes and VAT



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